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Selected Projects

10-33 (2021)
Directed by Teryn Lawson
Role: Melanie (LEAD)
A paramedic must battle with her demons when a traumatic work event takes over her life.

We Need To Talk (2021)
Directed by Nicole Hayward
Role: Carol (LEAD)
When faced with the death of his best friend, twelve-year-old Keaton searches for answers.

Six Feet Apart (2021)
Directed by ZheYu Liao
Role: Emma (LEAD)
A quirky love story set in the midst of a pandemic.
(Featured at the 31st annual Inside Out Film Festival!)

Transformation (2021)
Directed by ZheYu Liao
Role: Susan (SUPPORTING)
Liam, a high school graduate struggling with his assigned gender identity, moves away for college and embraces her true self, Allie. 

Before She Was (2021)
Directed by Parnika Raj
Role: Sylvia Trust (SUPPORTING)
In the small town of Maplewood, teenager Jessica Wilson begins questioning everything when a peculiar man shows up on her doorstep claiming her whole life has been a lie.

Statement of Intent (2020)
Directed by Tara Grundmanis
Role: Natalie (SUPPORTING)
A young woman longs to leave her small town but is tied down by old loyalties.

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